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15 Things You Can Do With Smart Video Security Cameras

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Smart security cameras can help you control access to your home, receive important updates, zero in on the moments that matter, and then share those moments at the push of a button.* In addition to our video doorbells as well as our indoor and outdoor cameras, our smart panels actually have built-in cameras that open up even more possibilities.

Curious about what that means for you in your everyday life? To give you an idea of the benefits, we’ve rounded up 15 things made possible when your security cameras are smart.

1. Receive Text Alerts or Emails

Wondering what is going on at your home when you’re not there? Receiving updates about your property is easy with the Guardian Protection app. Here, you can set up and receive notifications that send a video clip to your smartphone every time your Video Doorbell Pro catches someone walking up to your front door.

Package being dropped off by delivery man as seen through the Guardian Protection app

2. Answer the Front Door From Your Smartphone

When your Video Doorbell Pro rings, you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to answer it. You don’t even have to be home! A video doorbell lets you see, hear, and talk to visitors right from your smartphone.

3. Object Detection

All of our cameras are able to differentiate between moving objects to better assess possible threats. After your camera has picked up on the activity, it can then identify whether the trigger is a person, an animal, or a vehicle. With this feature, you can quickly determine potential threats and weed out trespassers that aren’t concerns, such as deer.

Ready to expand your view?

Add Smart Security Cameras to Your System!

4. Tie Specific Events to Different Objects

Through the use of video analytics, you can set up notifications and trigger events depending on the activity detected outside of your home. For example, you may want a text alert every time your camera sees a car, but not every time it sees an animal. Your cameras can identify specific activity and notify you so that you’re always in the loop.

5. Tie Triggers to Different Times of the Day

With your indoor and outdoor cameras, you can choose whether a rule you create will be active all the time or just during certain times of the day. For instance, you may be more interested in receiving alerts during the day when no one is home. If this is the case, you can tailor your experience accordingly so that you are notified about activity while you’re away.

6. Create a Virtual Tripwire

Tripwires are a great way to stay notified whenever someone has passed a certain set boundary on your property through your outdoor camera. Simply “draw” a virtual line across your driveway so you receive a notification every time a car pulls in.

Guardian Protection app video doorbell notification showing a car in the driveway

7. Facial Recognition

The security panel has built-in cameras that can memorize your face and associate it with your unique user code. This way, you can always be reassured that those entering your house are thoroughly vetted and verified.

8. Keep an Eye on Your Pets

With our cameras, you can know if your cat is scratching your new sofa, or if your pup wanders out of the yard. Our indoor and outdoor cameras allow you to have complete oversight of your property, making it easy to check in with pets while you’re away and ensure they aren’t misbehaving.

Guardian Protection app notification showing a dog in the yard

9. Deter Intruders With Automated Lighting

Set a rule that when your outdoor camera recognizes a person on your property after dark, it automatically turns on Guardian-connected lights throughout your home. This can be a simple way to deter potential intruders before they even attempt to break into your home.

10. Easily Provide Evidence to Authorities

If a crime is committed on your property, you can easily share that video footage from your cameras with the authorities, insurance companies, and neighbors. The footage collected from these devices can be vital to look back on if you ever find yourself in an emergency.

11. Event-Triggered Recording

Automatically record a video clip on your cameras when a door opens or your alarm goes off. This way, you are immediately aware of what has triggered the alarm and can react accordingly.

12. Watch Live or Recorded Video Clips From Anywhere

You can see your security camera footage from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Remote access makes keeping an eye on what’s important from anywhere in the world as simple as just a few taps.

13. Divide Your Property Into Virtual Zones

Be selective about what you want to see in different parts of your yard by creating ground zones. If certain sections of your yard are particularly important to monitor, this feature on your outdoor camera can be an effective way of maintaining oversight.

View from a Guardian Protection outdoor camera using the Video Analytics feature

14. Know When Someone is Lingering

Is two minutes too long for someone to be on your front stoop? You get to customize how long an object is within view of your camera before it generates an alert.

15. Santa Security

Every year during the holidays, our indoor cameras have a Santa Security feature. This fun feature allows you to place Santa in your indoor camera’s video feed for a festive way to celebrate the Christmas season. You can even send photos of the feed to your family and friends!

Keep an Eye Out With Your Cameras

Are you ready to join the video revolution? Or maybe you already have surveillance cameras, but you’re looking for smarter options. Either way, we’ve got you covered. Tell a Guardian Protection security expert what items on that list resonated with you, and they’ll customize a video security solution that checks all the right boxes. You can call us at 1.800.PROTECT (1.800.776.8328), and we’ll be in touch!

* Please note that product and feature availability is dependent on customer location and previously installed equipment.

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