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Bye-bye, 2020: Here’s This Year’s 10 Best Smart Security Posts

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We’d all rather forget most of 2020, but we have a lot of content right here on the Guardian website that you’re gonna want to remember. In case you missed them, here are the best smart security and home automation posts from 2020.

1. Why Guardian customers are grateful for small business security

A lot of people know us for our smart home security, but did you know we also provide business security solutions? Small businesses, franchises, restaurants, universities — you name it, we help protect it. And who better to tell that story than our own customers?

Hear what a few small business owners have to say about having Guardian Protection’s business security.

2. Why should I get smart security cameras?

Video security cameras have come a long way. And if you haven’t upgraded in a long time, you might be wondering: What can smarter video security do for me? Read this post to find out!

3. Our “Hot Takes” series has the info you need on fire safety

From the most common causes of home fires to Smoke Alarms 101, this fire safety series will answer all your questions.

4. How to social distance safely during COVID-19

2020 handed down quite a few unwanted vocabulary lessons, and “social distancing” was one of the first new words everyone learned. To help out, we shared some tips for staying safe while practicing social distancing. 

5. Feeling handy? Hit pause on any home renovations until you read this post

Making changes to your home is exciting, but it’s dangerous to swing that hammer first and ask questions later. Make sure you know the answers to at least these three questions before you dive into a home improvement project.

6. Home security can help you care for your elderly parents

Caring for your parents later in life can be a full-time job, especially when it leads to nonstop worrying. A smart home security system may be able to take some of the weight off your shoulders. Read this post to learn more.

7. How to make your home safer for pets

We know some of your beloved family members have four legs, and fur babies deserve safer homes, too! We put together this paws-sitively essential guide to help you create a safer environment for your pets.

8. Help prepare your kids to be home alone

If your child is staying home without supervision for the first time, they might need help learning the rules. To get the conversation going, here are 10 questions to answer before they are home alone.

9. Trends to expect in the smart security industry in 2021

The coronavirus changed everything in 2020. We’re not out of the woods yet, but we asked our experts to look ahead and tell us what trends they expect to see in 2021.

10. Home security mistakes that could be putting your family at risk

Have you fallen into some bad habits with your home security? Help keep everything you care about safer by avoiding these common security blunders.

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You can always come to Guardian’s blog, The Vantage Point, to stay up to date on security and smart home automation, and to find tips on how to protect what matters most to you.

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