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Meet the Three Smart Security Cameras Every Home Needs

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A young girl wearing a bookbag pressing the Video Doorbell Pro on her home's front porch

Smart security cameras are some of the most versatile home security devices that you can arm your home with. Not only can these devices provide you with a round-the-clock view of your property, but additional smart features can make managing your home as simple as a few taps on your phone. Here are three smart security cameras that, when paired with a robust home security system, can help ensure the safety of what’s most important to you.

Outdoor Cameras – Your First Line of Defense

Outdoor security cameras are the first devices to identify potential threats to your property. This initial heads-up can be the difference that stands between you and disaster. Outdoor security cameras are best used when they’re trained on vulnerable or important points around your home to provide a constant view while many smart features simultaneously capture important information.

Guardian Protection outdoor camera mounted on the side of  home

The best security cameras are capable of accurately detecting potential threats. Guardian’s cameras, for instance, can recognize whether a person, animal, or vehicle has passed your home through video analytics. Additional features allow you to focus your smart outdoor camera’s attention on a specific area. Through your Guardian Protection app, for example, you can create boundaries and zones on your camera’s feed to establish and receive notifications of when people come and go from your property. If you want to be notified when your spouse leaves for work in the morning or returns home in the evening, for instance, you can establish a tripwire to receive alerts.

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Protect Your Porch With a Video Doorbell

A video doorbell is an easy way to monitor visitors, deliveries, and other activities on your front porch. With this device, you can receive notifications and check in on your porch’s activity through your mobile device, allowing you to answer the door whether you’re at home or not.

Guardian Protection's Video doorbell Pro at a home's front door

Guardian’s video doorbells provide a wide view of your porch while identifying its cause by using video analytics. This security device can see if a person, animal, or vehicle is moving in front of your house to better assess potential threats. To give you the best front porch oversight, you can even set up notifications through the Guardian Protection app to be notified anytime specific movement is detected outside your front door. This is a great way to instantly determine whether it’s a deer in your yard instead of a potential burglar. Guardian’s video doorbells are also capable of detecting packages as they are dropped off and placed on your porch. You can create notifications to be alerted when that important package you’ve been waiting on is dropped off so you never have to wait in suspense for your Amazon deliveries again!

Indoor Cameras to Keep an Eye on the Inside

Outdoor smart security cameras that monitor the exterior of your property are just the beginning. Having a camera inside your home gives you a more well-rounded oversight of what is happening at your house, especially if you are not there to actively monitor it. Guardian Protection’s indoor cameras, for instance, have additional features that make monitoring the inside of your home even easier.

Guardian Protection indoor camera

For instance, the two-way audio feature allows you to interact with what you’re seeing on your live feed from the Guardian app so that you can handle situations while you’re at home or away. You can also create rules on your indoor camera so that if an alarm is triggered your indoor cameras immediately begin recording footage, which creates archived evidence of what has happened. There’s no need to question what occurred when you can easily pull up the recorded clip for answers. This way, you can easily determine whether your kids accidentally set off the alarm or if you truly have a trespasser on your hands.

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Manage These Home Security Cameras With One Mobile App

Fortunately, all of Guardian’s security cameras are manageable through the Guardian Protection app. You can check on live video feeds of your porch, property, or living room when you’re away and access recorded clips easily from wherever you are in the world. Also, you can adjust cameras’ settings — as well as other Guardian devices — all in the same app to make managing or checking in on your home security devices as simple as a few taps.

Hand holding iPhone open to Guardian Protection app with outdoor camera view of front yard

Always Watching Out for You

These smart security cameras help to provide the ultimate peace of mind to homeowners. Especially when paired with a home security system backed by 24/7 professional monitoring, you can leave home or sleep soundly knowing that you have the best protection possible. At Guardian, we not only offer these smart and secure home security cameras, but also other home security devices and award-winning professional monitoring. It would be our honor to be your partner in protection. Simply give us a call at 1.800.857.5028 with any questions or for a complimentary home security quote.

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