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How to Save on Homeowners Insurance With Home Security

Home Security

Adding monitored security to your home not only buys you some peace of mind, but it can also help you save money too! For instance, some insurance providers will offer a discount on homeowners insurance for having a professionally monitored security system in your home. Find out how you can take advantage of this opportunity with the purchase of a new home security system!

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Do All Insurance Companies Give a Discount for Monitored Security? 

Most insurance companies recognize the value of home security, particularly professionally monitored home security. Therefore, many insurance companies will offer these discounts to homeowners who have monitored security services.  

Not all insurance companies offer this discount to customers, though. Talk to your insurance agent today about a potential discount. If they do provide this, it can be an excellent way to shave off a little extra cash while striving to protect what’s important.

However, even if your insurance company offers a discount, they may require verification that your security system is monitored. 

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What Is a Certificate of Monitoring? 

To show proof of monitoring, Guardian Protection provides a professional monitoring document — we call it a Certificate of Monitoring — for all customers who receive our professional monitoring service.  A certificate of monitoring is proof that a home is professionally monitored through home security devices. It is often required by insurance companies as evidence of an active monitoring service in order to give a discount on home insurance.  

How Much can I Save on My Homeowner’s Insurance When I Get Professional Monitoring? 

This depends on a lot of factors, such as your insurance premium, your coverage level, where you live, your insurance carrier’s policies, and more. Talk to your insurance provider today and ask if they provide any discounts off of homeowner’s insurance for professionally monitored security.  

This discount allows you to make the most out of new security devices. Along with the added protection that comes with professional monitoring, you will be able to save up a little extra. Not bad for just protecting your investment, right? 

Start Saving With Monitored Security Today!

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