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Smart Indoor Cameras: Your Eye Inside

General | Indoor Cameras

Ever wonder what was happening in your house when you’re not home? If you have pets or children, this can be especially important. However, if you have indoor cameras throughout your house looking out for what you love when you’re not there, you can get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you can check in on your home at any time. In addition to easily accessing live feeds of your home, there are many other features* to take advantage of with these devices.

Professional installer showing customers their newly installed Guardian Protection indoor camera

Live Footage from the Guardian App

At all points throughout the day, whether you suspect something is amiss or just want to check in, you can access a live HD video feed of your indoor camera through the Guardian Protection app. This gives you remote access to your home 24/7 from wherever you are in the world. If you want to see how your pets are doing while you’re at work or peek in to make sure your kids aren’t misbehaving, an indoor security camera allows you to check in without any hassle.

24/7 Recording

Not only is live footage accessible at any moment, but your indoor camera is also recording around the clock to make sure nothing is missed. This 24/7 recording feature gives you the ability to reference previous footage whenever you want to double-check something from the past. All of this footage is stored in your Guardian Protection account and can be found remotely through your app so you can check in on questionable activity even while you’re away from home.

Night Vision

In addition to providing 24/7 access to your home, these indoor cameras also come with the capability of seeing at night. This way, if you need to peek in after the sun has set, you won’t be viewing a black featureless screen. The night vision on these cameras makes sure you aren’t limited to viewing your home’s activity during certain hours of the day.

Two-Way Audio

Our two-way audio feature is a convenient way to interact with what you’re seeing on your live feed, even if you aren’t anywhere near your home. This feature allows you to speak through your camera and converse with people on the other end through your Guardian Protection app. If you are watching some suspicious activity on your live feed, simply use the two-way audio to talk through the camera’s speaker to clarify what’s happening.

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Additionally, if an alarm has been triggered, our monitoring center is able to access your live feed for clarification on the situation if you haven’t responded to our other attempts to get ahold of you. If our Safety Specialists see suspicious behavior on the feed, they are able to use this two-way audio function to communicate with and try to deter any possible trespassers.

Automatic Alarm Recording

When an alarm is triggered through your system, you can create rules so that your indoor cameras immediately begin recording footage of the surrounding area so that you have archived evidence of what has happened. There’s no need to question what occurred when you can easily pull up the recorded clip for answers.

Mobile Alerts

Mobile alerts can be sent to your phone depending on what you want to be alerted to. Our indoor cameras are constantly assessing activity throughout your home, and you can program your notification preferences to send you alerts to specific activities so you’re always in the loop.

Video Analytics

Our video analytics feature uses smart technology to sense activity and react accordingly. For example, these cameras can sense motion and begin recording footage for later use, especially when you use the video analytics feature to weed out non-threats. Our cameras can differentiate between animals and humans, so you can program your camera to notify you of any human activity while ignoring animal movement and vice versa. This is an easy way to sort and sift through the important activities in your home and get the most out of your indoor camera.

Seasonal Features

There are additional fun features that you can take advantage of with this device. For instance, every year during the holidays, our indoor cameras host a Santa Security feature that allows you to place Santa in your indoor camera’s video feed for a fun and festive way to celebrate the Christmas season with family and friends.

The Best Roommate

Guardian Protection’s indoor cameras have your back whether you’re at home or away. With many smart features to take advantage of and 24/7 access to live footage, you will always have complete oversight and peace of mind when it comes to what is going on inside your home.

* Please note that product and feature availability is dependent on customer location and previously installed equipment.

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