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Life Hack: Video Doorbell is Scary Good for Halloween

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Leaves are falling, the days are getting shorter with Daylight Saving, and the smell of polyester and face paint are in the air. What’s that mean for you as a homeowner? Your doorbell is about to have a field day with Trick-or-Treaters.

Today, there are much scarier things than kids running around with sheets over their heads on Halloween night. Because of that, the average doorbell doesn’t cut it anymore when it comes to home security. Smart home security needs to get even smarter.

Enter the Guardian Protection Video Doorbell Camera Pro.

Whether you’re curious about the ghouls walking around at night, making sure Michael Myers isn’t on your doorstep, or catching pranksters red-handed TPing your house, our smart home security video doorbell will be your Binks getting you through all of the Hocus Pocus.

Here are five features of our video doorbell camera that will help you survive the Halloween season (and beyond):

1. Two-Way Audio

Scene: You RSVPed to a Halloween party and don’t plan on being home on October 31. There’s a lot of action this night, and you want to make your visitors (expected or terrifyingly not) think you’re home. The good news: our smart doorbell enables two-way audio, which lets you do just that. But how does it work? When the video doorbell is pressed, you’ll receive a notification through the app and the built-in camera on the doorbell will automatically start recording. You’ll be able to open the Guardian app on your phone to see and speak to the person (or thing) on the other side no matter where you are, tricking anyone into thinking you’re there.

2. Event Triggered Alerts

Let’s say you’re at that Halloween party much later than you expected, but your pooch dressed like a hotdog needs a potty break. What would you do? Leave? Nah. You call your brother for that favor he owes you. If you have Guardian Protection’s smart video doorbell, you’ll be notified as he approaches your front door. That way, you’ll know whether he’s there when he said he would be or not (sneaky, sneaky).

3. Home Automation Device Integration

As you pull up your Guardian app after receiving a motion-triggered notification that your brother is there, the doorbell’s camera reveals him fishing around in his pockets for his spare key. You watch his face turn as herealizes he forgot it on his other key fob. After letting him sweat it out for a minute, you use your video doorbell’s two-way mic to let him know you’re going to unlock the door for him remotely using the home automation device integration to your smart lock.

4. Full Night Vision

You can watch his mind being blown in real time as the smart lock unlocks, as if by magic. His amazed face is visible, even in the dark, thanks to the video doorbell camera’s night vision.

5. On-Demand Video & Recorded Clips

And because the smart doorbell has a 180-degree camera view, you’ll watch live as your brother takes your hotdog pup outside and is dragged to the side of the house to her favorite spot to do her business. Pretty hilarious. In fact, it was so funny to see your dog in a costume walk your brother around your yard, you obviously want to watch that happen again. With Guardian Protection’s video doorbell camera and its recorded clips, you’ll be able to watch it back again and again (and again). Heck, why not share it with others? You can save the recorded clip, upload it to Facebook or Instagram, and tag us to spread the laughs. (Who wouldn’t want to see a dog wrapped in a polyester hotdog costume?!)

All Halloweening aside, having a Guardian Protection video doorbell camera will enhance our home’s security with its smart home technology. The two-way audio, event triggered alerts, home automation device integration, full night vision, and live and recorded video clips, you’ll be able to help protect your home from those unwanted visitors, porch pirates, possible burglaries, and so much more.

To learn more about our smart doorbell, visit here.

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