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Keep an Eye Outside With Guardian’s Outdoor Security Camera

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Outdoor cameras are one of the most common and beloved smart home security devices. But are you getting the most out of your Guardian outdoor camera? There are so many unique and useful features that you might not even be aware of all that your camera is capable of. If you’re looking for new ways to utilize your outdoor camera, read below to discover more features!

Guardian Protection's outdoor camera mounted on wall

Intruder Detection

Capturing, recording, and storing footage is not the only thing our outdoor cameras are capable of. These cameras are smart enough to detect and recognize whether a person, animal, or vehicle has passed your home through video analytics. This feature allows you to set notifications for when any of these are detected in your camera’s view. If you’re hoping to catch someone or something specific sneaking through your backyard, for instance, you can adjust your settings to notify you when your camera senses the intruder.


While your outdoor camera is one of the best devices for providing you with a wide scope of what is going on outside of your home, tripwires allow you to further focus your device’s attention.

Through your Guardian Protection app, you can create lines — or “tripwires” — on your camera’s feed. These virtual boundaries make sure that no one is trespassing by notifying you whenever the tripwire has been overstepped.

After receiving the notification, you can then view your camera’s live feed in the app to determine whether or not there is a threat.

24/7 Recording

Your outdoor camera is always keeping an eye out. This device is constantly surveying your property to keep your home and loved ones safe. You can access your outdoor security camera’s live feed at any point during the day using your Guardian Protection app.

Deter Intruders

One of the main reasons people get an outdoor camera is to ensure that trespassers are deterred from creeping onto their property. Not only is the prospect of an outdoor camera recording them discouraging, but Guardian’s cameras also have several other features to ward off potential intruders.

If someone sneaks onto your property, you can set sirens to go off and alert you. These alarms can be useful for scaring off the trespasser as well. This siren is also accompanied by flashing lights that emphasize the presence of your home security system and can help deter the intruder.

Alternatively, if you receive a notification that your outdoor camera has picked up on someone on your property, you can use the camera’s two-way speaker function to talk to whoever is outside. With this feature, you can have a conversation with the person in your camera’s view to clarify why they are there or to warn off any potential threats.

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Night Vision

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean you should lose oversight of your home! With our outdoor camera’s night vision, you are able to see what’s going on outside at any hour of the day. Thanks to this feature pairing with our device’s 24/7 recording, you can view nocturnal activity from your Guardian app the same way you can during the day! You won’t have to limit your view with this night vision feature.

View Footage From Guardian Protection App

Keeping an eye on your outdoor camera’s video feed is one of the primary functions of these devices. However, Guardian’s cameras not only allow you to access your live feed, but you can also refer back to previous recordings through your Guardian Protection app.

Guardian Protection app showing a live view from an outdoor camera of the front of a customer's house

Here, you can look back at any of the 24/7 recordings to see what has happened outside of your home within a two-week period. This archived footage can be accessed anytime, anywhere through your mobile device and gives you the peace of mind of being able to look back in time for answers.

Not only is the Guardian app useful for referring back to archived footage, but the app is also where you will be able to manage all of your outdoor camera’s settings. It’s a one-stop place for all of your camera’s needs!

The Possibilities are Endless

Whether you’re using your outdoor camera purely for security reasons, or you’re interested in automating your life by pairing your camera with your other smart home products, there are countless ways to utilize this device. Having an outdoor camera is the best way to keep your home safe and your life simple.

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