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What the Prince George’s County Security Camera Law Means for Property Owners

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Prince George’s County in Maryland announced in November of 2023 that landlords and property owners will be required to install and maintain 24-hour security cameras in all multi-family, high-occupancy dwellings greater than 100 units. This requirement was made in an effort to reduce crime rates, especially regarding the increase in cars being broken into within the area.

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What is the Prince George County Security Camera Law?

The Prince George’s County camera law went into effect on January 16, 2024, and is poised to impact apartment buildings, residential complexes, condominiums, co-ops, and age 55+ senior residences that exceed 100 units. Landlords and property owners who oversee buildings that fall within these categories will have approximately six months from January 16 to add security cameras — both indoor and outdoor — to their buildings; however, older properties may be granted leniency and given up to a year to install these additions.

These cameras are also required by law to capture a 180-degree field of view of emergency exits and common areas, such as parking areas, access and perimeter roads, pedestrian sidewalks, landscaped areas, trash enclosures, and recreation areas.

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Security Camera Features

Additional cameras not only grant an opportunity to decrease crime rates throughout Prince George’s County, but these commercial security devices are also great assets for landlords and property owners who want to have better management and oversight of their properties.

Most modern security cameras also, fortunately, provide added peace of mind for property owners when they use smart automation technology. For example, Guardian Protection‘s security cameras come with useful features like tripwires, scenes, and other video analytics that can help property owners better understand and maintain their buildings.

Other requirements under this camera law include the need for each security camera to have a minimum resolution of 1080p. Also, if the security cameras track the date and time, the time will be logged in Eastern Standard Time. Adequate footage quality and recording information could be essential when reviewing recorded videos to learn more about a potential crime.

These cameras are also required to be capable of storing footage for extended periods of time. For instance, security camera footage must be retained for at least thirty days, and if a tenant, law enforcement officer, or person with a verified interest requests footage regarding an incident on the property, then the landlord may be required to retain security camera footage for up to one hundred eighty days from the date of request.

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How to Get Started

Landlords and property owners owners in Prince George’s County can be assured that while these changes are required, they do not have to be done without assistance. To help with the cost, landlords and property owners may be eligible for a $5,000 rebate

Addressing this Prince George’s County Camera Law will take time, but the benefits of these additional devices can be significant. The requirements will not only help reduce crime by giving property owners more oversight of their properties, but they will also make managing these spaces easier and more accessible. With Guardian Protection’s security cameras, for instance, live video footage, clips, and camera adjustment settings can all be accessed through one free mobile app.

There is still plenty of time to check out which security cameras work best before the deadline in June 2024. Prince George’s County property owners can explore the smart automation features, camera quality, and footage accessibility, before deciding on the perfect smart security camera to oversee and manage their properties,

Fortunately, Guardian Protection’s security cameras check all of the necessary boxes to adhere to this camera law while also providing additional capabilities to further simplify the lives of landlords and property owners. From high definition cameras to state-of-the art video recording and clip storage, Guardian has a solution to this requirement that goes beyond the basics.

For more information on how Guardian Protection’s security cameras can help protect Prince George’s County, call a security representative at 1.800.857.5028.

See How Guardian Protection Is Prepared to Help Property Owners Adhere to This Law.

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