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Get Mobile Notifications When Something’s Not Right With Unexpected Activity Alerts

Smart Home Control

Everyone wants something that makes everyday life easier, and a smarter home can do just that! Now you can raise your home’s IQ by adding “Unexpected Activity” alerts from Guardian Protection.  

How it works: Your Guardian smart security system learns the everyday activity and routine in your home, then notifies you with an alert when something out of the ordinary happens.

For example, we’ll give you a heads up when:

  • Your security system is disarmed at an unusual time
  • Someone opens a door or window that is normally closed
  • A door is unlocked when your family is usually not home
  • Doors, windows or garage doors are left open at night.

These notifications can be triggered by different sensors around your home, including sensors on doors and windows, or motion sensors. Alerts are sent as push notifications to your smartphone or by e-mail.

How to Get Started

To turn on Unexpected Activity alerts, a Guardian customer should log into, click on “Notifications” and toggle on the “Unexpected Activity” option. From there, click the pencil icon to start customizing your alerts.

After you turn alerts on, you can choose what sensors you want to monitor, who should receive alerts, and tweak the sensitivity level to receive fewer or more alerts.

For special days when you are out of your typical routine, like holidays and snow days, you have the option to pause alerts for up to 24 hours.

The Getting-to-Know-You Stage

For the first 30 days, you won’t get any Unexpected Activity alerts, because your system is studying! This initial cram session gives your Guardian system time to get familiar with your routine so it can recognize when something is out of the ordinary.

Once the alerts start, they will work best for you when you give them a little training. Alerts prompt you to provide instant feedback on whether a particular alert is useful.

Say a window in your home that is almost always shut is opened. You’ll receive not only a push notification letting you know the window is open, but also the option to teach your system whether this is an alert you want to receive again. To interact with an alert, just select “Options” on a smartphone notification or “Submit Feedback” on an email.

This new feature is for the Guardian Protection customer who really want a system that just gets you. If you need help getting set up or want to add Unexpected Activity alerts to your current package, just give us a call at 1-800-PROTECT (1-800-776-8328).

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