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Sending You Selfies, From a Safe Distance

COVID-19 | The Guardian Story

There’s a reason why apps like FaceTime exist, and why we’ve seen an explosion of Zoom meetings recently. Plain and simple: We need to see each other!

Studies show that at least 65% of communication is non-verbal, so finding a way to see each other helps us communicate effectively.

Also, have you ever noticed how good it feels to see a loved one after a long separation, even if you’ve been talking on the phone? The ability to connect with each other on such a personal level — even when there’s physical distance between us — might be one of best health benefits of of modern communication.

So, maybe your pals here at Guardian Protection aren’t topping your list of the faces you want to see the most. (It stings, but we understand.)

Even still, we feel it’s more important than ever to reach out and let you know that we’re thinking of you, we’re here for you, and you can always count on us to help keep you safe.

We made these selfies just for you:

In a recent post, we talked about why human connection is essential to security. Don’t forget — we can’t do what we do without all of you! So stay connected, stay inside, and stay safe.

And once again, it all comes back to this one simple truth we live by here at Guardian: At the end of the day, life is better when it’s safe.

Call if you need us at 1.800.PROTECT, or just follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter to stay in touch.

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