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Protecting What’s Important During Uncertain Times With Small Business Security

Business Security

It’s no secret that right now is a challenging time for small businesses. With people budgeting and pinching pennies to save, your business might have seen a recent decline in attention and/or sales. Fortunately, there are small business security devices and features that can help maximize your chances of grabbing and keeping customers’ attention while increasing profits.

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How Small Business Security Can Help Mitigate Risk

The best small business security systems have multiple uses. Smart technology, professional monitoring, mobile management, and more can make running your business more efficient and profitable.

Professional Monitoring Adds Extra Protection

Protecting your business’s assets during a difficult time is incredibly important. After all, the primary reason people get business security systems is for that peace of mind that comes with knowing your business is being looked after and regulated. The first big step you can take to make an immediate difference for your business is to ensure that it’s protected.

For example, when your small business security system is monitored 24/7 like Guardian Protection’s, you’ll be assured that even if you’re not at your location, your business is being looked after. Around the clock, Guardian’s monitoring centers are watching out for triggered alarms so that they can stop intrusions as they happen. With monitored intrusion protection, you can go to sleep each night knowing that someone is still keeping an eye on your business’s safety.

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Stay Connected with Mobile Management

Smart business security systems make managing your business as easy as a few taps on your phone. Most smart business security systems come with the option to make system adjustments from your phone or computer for management on the go. If something is amiss while you’re away from your business — like you forgot to arm your system or you suspect something you want video evidence of — all you need to do is pull out your phone and make the corrections you need to so you can check one more thing off your list. These mobile adjustments can help you save money and protect your assets from theft that will set you back.

Keep Count of Customer Traffic

Guardian Protection’s business security systems have many interactive service features that make monitoring exactly what is happening at your business simple whether you are onsite or not. For instance, People Counting is an excellent way to utilize your business security cameras to get the most out of your system.

Keeping a close eye on the people coming and going from your business is more important than ever during uncertain times. You’ll want to have a more concrete understanding of just how many people enter your store or restaurant and at what times. By keeping an eye on the people coming and going, you can adjust your business’s strategy accordingly. For instance, these insights can help you create offers to grab attention during slow periods or days when you want to increase sales. Or you can better strategize your staffing to accommodate busy times like rush hour. People Counting is a great insight to have when reevaluating your business strategy.

Optimize Visual Merchandising

Heat maps are another easy but effective way to utilize your business security cameras to maximize the effectiveness of your space. This feature tracks the traffic to areas within your security camera’s view. With the information gathered through this feature, you can better position merchandise within your store to maximize profits. It also gives you insights into popular items or displays, and it lets you know about weak or uninteresting areas so that you can improve them.

Monitor Employee Activity

The old saying is true: Time is money. Make sure that your employees aren’t spending any of yours. With a smart small business security system that works for you, you’ll be able to verify your employees’ clock-in and clock-out times from your phone. You’ll also be able to receive real-time notifications of when your security system is set, so you know exactly what time your business was locked up for the night. These days, every dollar counts, so make sure that people aren’t cutting corners on your watch.

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Protect Against Hackers with Encryption

The last thing you would want during a time of uncertainty is for your small business security system to be hacked. You have enough on your plate without having to worry about someone taking advantage of and manipulating the security system you bought to help keep things safe. That’s why it is so important to make sure that the small business security system you choose to protect your business uses encrypted technology. Using encryption in devices makes it difficult for hackers to get into your security system. As some of the leaders in encrypted home and business security equipment, we know how important this feature is when it comes to protecting what’s important.

In Conclusion, Business Runs More Smoothly — and Safely — With Security

Having a small business security system that works for you can help bring you a sense of stability during unstable times. Not only can smart devices within your system work to help maximize profits and the customer experience, but they also can bring you the peace of mind you need when all else is uncertain.

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