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Alarm Siren with Strobe Light Image 1
Alarm Siren with Strobe Light Image 1

Alarm Siren with Strobe Light

Alarm Siren with Strobe Light

  • Wireless siren
  • Plugs into any standard outlet
  • 3 LED lights strobe during alarm events
  • Z-Wave repeater that strengthens your network
  • 3-hour backup battery
  • Clean, discreet look

This loud siren can provide an extra layer of security and unmistakable alarm awareness. Up to three Z-Wave sirens can be placed around a home, and if an alarm is triggered, loud sirens and a bright LED strobe light will make any would-be intruder consider heading for the hills.

Home security siren with audible coverage

The loud siren and LED strobe lights are impossible to miss. Our Z-Wave sirens will alert you and those nearby of an issue inside or around your home.

A red LED strobe light

Intense LED strobe light boosts outdoor security

This flashing light may deter intruders and alert those nearby of a problem before emergency assistance arrives.

Additional Benefits

Loud and alarming

This siren 110db provides an alarming experience during a break-in.

Extra coverage

The LED strobe light will cover a large room or even a few small rooms.

Placement options

Choose from three placements like your garage, upstairs, and downstairs.

Battery backup

The siren 110db will continue working during a power outage.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the sirens have a battery backup rated to last up to three hours with no power.
No, these sirens only work with the Guardian IQ2, IQ4, and IQ Hub security panels.
The Alarm Siren with Strobe Light dimensions are 1.97" x 5.91" x 4.33".

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