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Medical Pendant Image 1
Medical Pendant Image 1
Medical Pendant Image 1

Medical Pendant

Medical Pendant

  • Portable device
  • One-touch design
  • Water-resistant
  • Wearable tech

Our medical pendant provides peace of mind for the elderly or anyone with mobility problems. It features an easy-to-use panic button that triggers an emergency signal to our 24-hour monitoring center.

This device comes with PowerG wireless intrusion technology, providing more secure encryption, longer range and reliability, and better battery life.

Medical alert pendant for emergencies

Medical emergencies can happen anywhere in the home. Having a pendant within reach can help you quickly call for emergency assistance and may help save the life of a loved one. Our medical pendant can be worn around the neck or attached to a key chain — whatever is more convenient for you.

A younger woman helping an elderly woman with crutches

Press and hold feature gives help at the push of a button

Our emergency pendant uses a special press-and-hold design to reduce the chance of accidental alarms triggered by bumps or nudges.

Additional Benefits

Easy to use

With just one tap, we'll contact you to see if you're okay.

24/7 assistance

We're here whenever you need us the most.

Discreet design

Small in size and can be worn or placed in your home.


Works in extreme low and high temperatures.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the battery is replaceable. Guardian will notify you when the battery is low.
Once the button is pressed, Guardian will be notified within seconds that help is needed. We will follow our standard procedures in getting you the help you need.   Read our "What should I expect from the monitoring center if my alarm goes off?" FAQ for more information about what happens after the button is pressed.

The medical pendant's dimensions are H 2.1 inches x W 1.3 inches.

No. The medical pendant is only effective when you are within range of your security panel.

Still have questions?

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Packages for every lifestyle

Whether you’re single, a parent, or a pet parent, we have a security package that fits your life.

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