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How do I change the distance for my Geo-Fence?

Apps & Mobile

First, you will need to log into Once logged in: 

1. Click on Settings on the left-hand side. 

2. Select Geo-Services in the main tile at the center of the page.

3. Under Geo-Fences, click on the name of the Geo-Fence you would like to edit.

4. You can change the distance for the Geo-Fence in two ways.  

  • Click and drag on the square white boxes on the Geo-Fence itself. You will see the distance change inside of the “Radius” text field. Adjust to the desired distance. 
  • Or, you can also input the preferred distance directly by clicking on the “Radius” text field and changing the numerical distance.  

5. Click Save when you’re finished making changes to your geo-fence. 

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