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How do I reconnect my Skybell video doorbell?

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To reconnect your Skybell video doorbell, please follow the steps below. If you have the Video Doorbell Pro, please click here for help.

1. Press and hold the button on the doorbell until it alternates between the colors red and green. 

2. Log into the Guardian app. 

3. Tap the menu icon.

4. Tap Doorbell Camera. 

5. Tap the App Settings icon.

6. Scroll down then select Delete This Device.

7. Once deleted Tap Add Camera

8. Select the doorbell that resembles yours.

  • If the app gives you the error “You do not have permission to add a device.” Please log out then log back in to the Guardian app.

9. Hold the doorbell button down until you see a yellow flashing light.

10. The app will ask you to make sure the doorbell is installed, please press next. If your doorbell is not on the wall, please contact us at 1-800-PROTECT to schedule a service call.

11. Next it will ask you to make sure the doorbell is flashing red and green. Once the doorbell is flashing red and green, press next.

12. Give your doorbell a name.

13. The app will instruct you to connect to your doorbell directly. To do this go into your device’s Wi-Fi settings then choose the network labeled Skybell. It will have some numbers and letters after the word Skybell.

  • On an android device, you can press a button on the app to take you directly to the device’s Wi-Fi settings.

14. Return to the Guardian Protection app.

  • On an android device, you must use the app switching button or feature or this process will fail.

15. Once in the app, select your home’s Wi-Fi network and enter your password. Press Next.

16. The app will sync your Wi-Fi credentials to the doorbell. Once the progress reaches 100% press next.

17. The app will have you verify the angle and view of the doorbell. Press Next.

18. Enable the push notifications

19. Enable the Doorbell Call Recording and/or Doorbell Motion recordings.

20. If, for any reason, the doorbell does not reconnect during these steps, please reach out to us at 1-800-PROTECT. A Technical Care representative will assist you with reconnecting the doorbell.


  • If the doorbell does not connect, turn off your cell phone’s cellular data then try the steps above again.
  • You may have entered the password to your Wi-Fi network incorrectly. Restart the process above to try again.
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