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How do I set up a smart thermostat schedule?

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To set up a schedule for your smart thermostat, log into and follow these steps:  

1. Click on Automation in the left-hand side menu.

2. Click on Schedules at the top in the purple banner.

3. Click the pencil icon next to Thermostat Schedule 

4. Pick which schedule to edit by clicking Heat or Cool. 

5. Click the Temperature arrows for Away, Home, or Sleep settings to set target temperatures. 

6. To change the thermostat schedule type, in View, click either 5 & 2-Day (to set a weekday and weekend schedule) or 7-Day (to manage daily schedules independently) 

7. To change the number of schedule intervals for each day, click 2 or 4 in Settings Per Day. 

8. To change the temperature setting for a schedule interval (i.e. Away, Home, Sleep, Custom, etc.): 

  • Click the Temperature setting icon on the schedule. 
  • Using the dropdown menu, select the temperature setting.
  • If Custom is selected, click the temperature arrows to set the Custom temperature for that interval. 
  • Click OK. 

9. Click and drag the Temperature setting icons across the schedule to choose when your thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature. 

10. To apply the schedule to another day (or thermostat), click Copy Schedule and then click either Copy A Day (to apply the schedule to another day of the week) or Copy A Full Schedule (to apply the schedule to another thermostat).

11. Click SAVE.

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