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How do I set up automation rules for my garage door?

Equipment | Garage Door

To set up automation rules for you garage door, log into and follow these steps:

1. Click Automation in the left-hand side menu.
2. Click on Rules at the top in the purple banner. 
3. Click the Add New Rule button in the upper right corner of the page. 
4. Click Event-Triggered Rule. 
5. Under “Automate My:” click on Garage Door. 
6. Under When This Event Occurs, click on Arm/Disarm.
7. You’ll get a new selection that says “Panel is” with a dropdown

  • Select Disarmed to have the Garage Door open when the system is disarmed.
  • Select Armed Stay or Armed Away to have the Garage Door close when your system is armed. 

8. Under Select Devices, choose which garage door to automate. 
9. Under During These Time Frames, choose whether you want the automation rule run at all times or only during selected days and times. 
10. Click SAVE.

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