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How do I set up Bluetooth disarming on the IQ panel?

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Bluetooth disarming is a feature that is included on the IQ2, IQ4, and IQ Hub panels. Up to five Bluetooth devices can be paired with your panel. When your device comes into range of your system and your system is armed in Away mode, it will connect and disarm the system without needing to touch the panel! 

To enable Bluetooth disarming: 

1. Tap the top menu.  

2. Tap Settings. 

3. Tap Advanced settings 

4. Enter your Master Code. 

5. Tap Bluetooth Devices 

6. Tap Add Device. 

7. Select the correct mobile device from the Available devices list. If your device does not appear, verify that your Bluetooth is turned on in the mobile device’s Bluetooth page.  

8. Tap Pair. 

9. Configure the Bluetooth device: 

Enter your desired name. 

Using the Disarming dropdown, select Allow disarming or Disable disarming. 

10. Tap Save. 

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