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How do I set up motion detection on my camera?

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Please follow the below steps to set up Video Motion Detection. Our newer cameras use Video Analytics. For further assistance setting up person, vehicle, and animal detection, click here

1. Log into

2. Click Video, then Settings at the top of the page. 

3. Click Video Motion Detection. If you don’t see Video Motion Detection, your camera uses Video Analytics.

4. Once your video loads, click and drag across the screen to create a detection box. (You may have boxes. Use the numbers to switch between the 3 different boxes.)

  • It is recommended to create long, thin boxes across the screen to act as tripwires. 
  • Avoid common areas like roads and sidewalks, and objects like trees and flags. They may cause unwanted recordings. 

5. Select your Sensitivity by using the drop down. 

6. Select your Target Size by using the drop down. Target size is how big the object will be in the detection window. 

7. Once you are finished, scroll down and click Save. 

For recordings to work, you must set up a rule: 

1. Click Video, then Recording Rules at the top of the page. 

2. Click + Add New Rule. 

3. Select Video Motion Detection. 

4. Fill in the form on the next page. Make sure to choose which camera you want the rule to run on at the top and give it a name! 

5. Click Save. 

Having trouble with a rule? Click here for help.

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