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Guardian’s technology for living makes every day easier and more efficient for you and your family. Whether it’s communicating throughout your home, hearing the doorbell ring in any room, or keeping your surroundings clean and healthy, Guardian’s advanced solutions are effective and surprisingly affordable.

Built-In Home Cleaning System

Why invest in a central vacuum system?

A study conducted by the UC Davis School of Medicine found that central vacuum users enjoyed increased quality of life, including a reduction in nasal and eye allergy symptoms and better sleep.

A non-central vacuum can actually increase airborne levels of mite allergens and other biological contaminants, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Vacuum cleaner

Central Vacuum Packages

Tailored to fit your lifestyle

  • Systems for single-family homes and townhomes
  • Multiple vacuum inlets can be located anywhere in the home
  • Powerhead and tool kit
  • Vac pan
  • Professionally installed

Why Guardian?

We’re proud your builder selected us to help you take your new home to the next level.

Your Guardian Technology Specialist will be there for you every step of the way, from one-on-one education and selection sessions to onsite markups, all the way to in-person demonstration.

Guardian Protection yard sign

Does your business have a need for video surveillance?

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