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How to Update Your Emergency Contacts

An emergency contact is the person you trust most to be notified of an emergency. It should be someone you completely trust and who has access to your home or business. They should know how to use your system and have a code.  

How Guardian Uses Emergency Contacts 

When Guardian receives a burglary, fire, or medical emergency signal from your security system, our monitoring team contacts one or more of your emergency contacts if they cannot reach you.  

To improve the chance that we can reach your contacts in an emergency, make sure whomever you choose has our monitoring center’s phone number saved into their phone: 1.800.364.3616

Contacts will be notified in accordance with our alarm processing standards. Learn more about our alarm process here

How Many Emergency Contacts Can I Have?

Most customers have 2-5 emergency contacts, and some as many as 20. We’ll work with you to ensure you have the amount of contacts that you need. 

How to Edit or Update Your Emergency Contacts  

Did you build your emergency contact list when you first started with Guardian? When was the last time you updated your list? We recommend reviewing and updating your list on a regular basis. Make sure your emergency contact list has no disconnected numbers, wrong numbers, or names of people who are no longer available.  

It’s quick and easy to update your emergency contacts. Just follow these steps:  

  1. On your desktop, log in to your Guardian account.
  2. Choose Monitored Services. Monitored Services is in the left-hand navigation bar on your account dashboard.
  3. From Monitored Services, click Emergency Contacts.  
  4. Enter your current Verbal Alarm Password when prompted.  
  5. You can now edit the Primary Contact number of the account and add/edit any additional contact numbers you’d like notified in the event of an alarm. To edit a contact, simply click the pencil icon below the Edit title and adjust the contact accordingly. If you want to add a new contact, select the Add Contact button in the bottom right corner and enter the contact’s information before clicking Save.
  6. Once a new contact has been added, you will then need to add this contact to the Call List. To do this, clicked Edit Call List.
  7. Next, select the contact in the drop-down and then move them to the corresponding list to the right, and then hit save. Please note, this step is needed to save your new Emergency Contact.
  8. Here, you can also rearrange your emergency contacts in the order you want them to be reached out to in an emergency.
  9. After each edit or addition is complete, click the Save button.

Your emergency contacts are now updated!  

Choosing Your Emergency Contacts 

If you need to reassess your emergency contact list but aren’t sure who should be included, remember that these contacts should be people you trust and who can easily get in contact with you in the case of an emergency. Or, ask yourself the following questions about anyone you’re considering: 

  • Does this person live close enough to visit my house and check on it in an emergency? 
  • Do you feel comfortable teaching this person to use your system? 
  • Would you trust this person with the responsibility of being on the contact list? 
  • Does this person know how to get in contact with me even if you’re at work or traveling? 
  • Are you willing to give this person a passcode and authority to know what’s going on with your home/system in an emergency? 
  • Is this person good at answering the phone quickly when called? 

After an emergency, Guardian customers sometimes call to tell us they are grateful that the monitoring center was able to connect with a trusted family member or friend. For instance, this person can help authorities gain entry without damaging your door or before the situation escalates. We’d like you to have that same peace of mind. Be sure to check your emergency contact list today and update it if necessary. 

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