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How Do Scenes Work?

A Scene is a customizable feature within the Guardian app that lets you take multiple actions across multiple Guardian devices with one tap. It’s available for both homes and businesses. The action your scene triggers can be anything from closing the garage, to arming your security system, to adjusting the thermostat. How you use the “Scenes” feature depends on what smart home and security devices you have.  

Devices that can be controlled by scenes include: 

  • Security systems (arming/disarming) 
  • Smart locks 
  • Garage doors 
  • Thermostats 
  • Z-Wave lights
  • Sonos speakers 
  • Legrand speakers 

You can create your own custom Scenes or use the default Scenes that come pre-loaded.  

What are default Scenes? 

Your default Scenes are suggestions that are pre-made for you and built into your Guardian app. Default scenes cannot be deleted or renamed, but the command configuration can be edited to meet your needs. 

Default Scenes for homes: 

  • Home 
  • Away 
  • Sleep 
  • Wake Up 

Default Scenes for commercial accounts: 

  • Open 
  • Close 

How to set up a Scene 

To learn how to set up a Scene using the Guardian app, watch this video or follow the steps below: 

If you’re not able to access the video above, please follow these steps:  

1. Tap SCENES at the top of the screen.  
2. Select one of the preexisting options or create a new Scene by tapping +.  
3. Select an icon and color, then tap Done.   
4. Create a Scene name, then tap Add to select the devices that will make up your Scene.   
5. When you’re finished, tap Save.   

You can also adjust Scenes on under the Automation tab. Clicking on an already existing Scene allows you to edit it. 

Rearranging the order of Scenes  

The order of your Scenes will appear the same when you log into the website and the app. Each user of your account can arrange Scenes the way they prefer.  

To rearrange the order of scenes using MyGuardianHome: 

1. Log into  

2. Click Automation. 

3. Click Scenes. 

4. Click Reorder.  

5. Click and drag Reorder on the scene to rearrange.  

6. Once all desired changes are made, click Save. 

To rearrange the order of scenes using the app: 

1. Log into the app. 

2. In Scenes, tap Details.  

3. Tap Reorder mode. 

4. Tap and drag Reorder on the scene to rearrange.  

5. Once all desired changes are made, tap Done. 

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