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How to use the Cancel/Verify Feature on the Guardian app

False alarm or real emergency? Tell us instantly from the Guardian app using the Cancel/Verify feature!

The Cancel/Verify mobile feature makes it fast and easy to communicate with our monitoring team when an alarm goes off. Because it’s built into your Guardian app, you don’t have to be at home to use it. If you become aware of an alarm at your property, you can tell us whether it was an accident or if help is needed with the push of a button —from anywhere! Confirm or “verify” an alarm to speed up emergency response or quickly cancel an accidental alarm.

How to “Cancel” an alarm

How to “Verify” an alarm

How does Cancel/Verify work?

Cancel/Verify uses a set of clear, simple emergency buttons in your Guardian App.

  • When an alarm event occurs, you’ll see two buttons appearing at the top of your app: CANCEL ALARM and VERIFY ALARM. (Note: you will only see these buttons when an alarm goes off.)
  • Before cancelling or verifying the alarm, you can quickly scroll to check your images or videos while the alarm card remains at the top.
  • Press and hold either button for three seconds to let our monitoring station know if the alarm was accidental (Cancel) or if it’s time to jump into action (Verify).
  • Whether you choose ‘Cancel Alarm’ or ‘Verify Alarm,’ you will receive a message indicating your choice. Press ‘Finish’ to confirm and return to the home page.
  • If no selection is made, Guardian will take the same steps as always in response to your alarm.

Important: In the event of an accidental alarm, please note the cancel feature only applies to burglary alarms; all other life and property related alarms, such as a fire alarm, will be processed according to standard alarm response procedures.  If the Verify button is pressed, the Monitoring Center will notify emergency help immediately. If the Cancel/Verify feature is not used in the event of an alarm, the Monitoring Center will proceed with standard alarm response procedures. 

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