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Hi and welcome! 

If you’re here it means you’ve heard of Guardian Protection! Maybe you’ve seen our yard signs in your community, or perhaps we provide 24-hour security monitoring for your home or business.  Either way, it means you’ve caught us doing what we love, that is, helping to keep homes, families, and businesses safer each and every day,

Since 1950, Guardian has been dedicated to the well-being of the neighborhoods we serve and as a result, we’ve been honored to support a variety of non-profit organizations through donations, sponsorships, and involvement in community events.  We’ve learned, too, that the people who lead these efforts are as amazing as the causes they’re supporting.

We want to know more about YOU and your charitable effort!

Guardian Protection supports a variety of good causes, so it’s important to let you know that we prioritize funding support for programs that:

  • Help to keep our children safer.
  • Help to raise awareness about safety, for example, home and business safety, fire and carbon monoxide safety, and personal safety.

Let’s get started…

What do you need to know about requesting a donation from Guardian Protection?

Types of Donations & Sponsorships – Guardian offers several unique giving programs including:

  • In-Kind – a donation of goods (e.g. for an event raffle or auction)
  • Sponsorship – monetary donation to an event or program
  • Kids ID – Safety fingerprinting program – learn more about Guardian Kids ID
  • Referral Fundraising Program – learn more about Security Referral Fundraising

To be eligible for any type of donation, the following requirements must be met:

  • Your event is at least six weeks away
  • Your event benefits a non-profit organization
  • Your event takes place in a zip code served by Guardian Protection (click here to check if your area is in one of our zip codes).
  • You must be able to provide the name of the website associated with your organization.

For all of the above, at this time, we are not able to support:

  • Individuals
  • For-profit businesses
  • Events that are less than six weeks away

Does your business have a need for video surveillance?

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