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At Guardian Protection, we’re committed to helping membership-based non-profit organizations raise needed funds.  Our Security Referral Fundraising program is designed to be an easy way for organizations like athletic boosters, parent-teacher associations, volunteer fire departments, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc. to raise money while helping to make life safer for others!

Your organization will be provided with a code to share with fellow members, friends, family, and supporters.  For every eligible Referral Guardian receives using your Code, your organization will receive $200.  Example: five eligible Referrals = $1,000 donation, ten eligible Referrals = $2,000 donation, etc.

How the Security Referral Fundraising program works:

  1. Confirm that your organization serves homes and businesses within one or more of the zip codes we serve. Check zip codes here.
  2. Register your organization for the program by completing the Security Referral Fundraising Form below.
  3. We will personally follow-up and provide you with your non-profit fundraising code.
  4. Share the code with fellow members, friends, family, and supporters who may be interested in having a Guardian Protection smart system for their home or business.  Tell them to call 1-800-PROTECT (800-776-8328) and mention your organization’s Code when they speak to our security specialist.
  5. Your organization will receive $200 for every eligible referral who has the system installed using your organizational code, within 90 days of system installation.

What is an Eligible Referral?

* To be an “Eligible Referral,” your Referral must agree to have the Guardian security system installed. Credit approval and monitoring agreement required. Your referral must be over the age of 18 and a homeowner. Guardian must have had no prior contact with your Referral and must not have previously received the referral name from anyone else.  The Guardian system cannot already be installed in your Referral’s home.  You may submit as many Referrals as you like, but Referrals who live at the same address will count for payment only once. If your Referral qualifies, your organization will receive a $200 check within 90 days after your Referral has their Guardian system installed.

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